Have you ever unwrapped Christmas and found there’s nothing there? A wonderful new book from author Phil Heaps tackles the emptiness of the Christmas experience for so many people, answering the question: Who Stole Christmas?

Who Stole Christmas? is the perfect giveaway book for friends, family and visitors. It offers a clear and engaging gospel presentation, pointing us all to the Christ behind Christmas.

See below to get a free preview pdf of the book and details of how to order physical copies.


‘This is an engaging presentation of the message of life that every single person needs to hear.’
Sharon James, Social Policy Analyst, The Christian Institute

‘Brilliant! Models cultural sensitivity without sacrificing biblical fidelity.’
Barry King, General Secretary, Grace Baptist Partnership

‘Phil Heaps could not have done a better job in explaining simply what the Bible tells us about the true meaning of Christmas.’
Ian Hamilton, Professor of Historical Theology, Westminster Presbyterian Seminary, Newcastle

‘I’m really impressed by the book. Well written, full of doctrinal meat in a small serving with a very good illustration.’
David Skull, Pastor, Grace Church Guildford

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Eden — https://www.eden.co.uk/christmas-tracts/who-stole-christmas/

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This interview with Phil Heaps, author of Who Stole Christmas? and Co-Pastor of Highbury Baptist Church, explains how you can make sure your friends, family and church visitors don’t miss out this Christmas…